Promoting the Faith for blissful, fulfilling, stable & balanced marital, family and societal life.

...Preserving homes, saving families.


CET-c for Women

 Christ Empowering The Church (families/the body of Christ)

CET-c for women is a charity organisation supporting women with the aim of balanced life, stable marriage and family cohesion. We provide Christian-based support services to women and families. CET-c for Women believe that stable homes translate stable societies.This is the reason we support women on all levels regardless of status through the journey from decisions that leads to marriage and related components. Future families also benefit through our services extended to younger women. 

With out-reach in major cities locally and internationally, our ultimate goal is stable families and societies for communal advantage. As a result, we train and educate women on marital and family issues that generate sustainable marital union for overall family well-being. We believe that stable families with children/youths less prone to anti-social behaviours and moral decadence implies a stable communities.Our core values is integrity and others based on community development practices such as collective action, working and learning together as part of the community.

Supporting and enhancing women in raising and maintaining happy stable homes has become very imperative in recent years, now requiring the urgent moral support and attention in order to preserve our societiesOur support to women is irrespective of parameter like age, religion, background, qualification or race. We support and work collectively with leaders of other women groups for the development of communities. Our approach in CET-c is designed to promote harmony, positive health, family well-being and community spirit. Growth amongst members and within the ministry is characterised by the love and passion that the Word of God teaches. 

Our training and workshops improve skill, knowledge and confidence. Women have recorded personal improvement, insight to peaceful resolution of conflict and improved approach to their multi-tasking family roles. Churches benefit from families within our projects. This opportunity is not restricted by geography, we offer our services to communities from other locations. We work together with other voluntary service groups for equal and non-sectarian society, we have an equal opportunity policy and do not discriminate. Our approach is founded on the  benevolence of Christ's love in reaching the goal of improved families and societal life. We extend Christ's goodwill to all irrespective of status or other parameters. Our services and activities are entirely free. Social outings may involve charges subsided by the charity for a low cost rate. 

Our training arm is called Clear Insight Training (CIT). We provide clear insight on God's will for marriage, the family and the communities we find ourselves. CET-c for Women is a member of Thamesmead Community Forum, member of Churches Together in Medway, we are member of Women Resource Centre, London, member of the Volunteering Centre Greenwich, member of Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service both in London, member of Medway Voluntary Action in Kent, member of Belmarsh 2 Prison Fellowship (an outreach of Prison Fellowship England and Wales) so CET-c can support and reach-out also to families of young offenders, prisoners and ex-prisoners. 


I am a single parent, my only son was in prison but I enjoyed so much comforting support from the ministry that it felt like my immediate family was larger than just us two (my son and I) living in a foreign land. Your prayers and all you do to support lonely and helpless women like me is true demonstration of Agape love. -C.O

I gave up on being married after suffering several ordeals to see my relationship solemnised. God being faithful, I was divinely linked with CET-c and the support I got was the beginning of hope for me. The man I dated for many years suddenly came to reality of things, we became free from the oppression our relationship suffered for many decades. Today, we are happily married and enjoying such great peace. I am grateful to God for the on-going support and the very initial link I had with this unique charity organisation. -Mrs D 

My marriage became turbulent and I made up my mind to end  it by quitting. Secretly, I was planning for divorce. Along the line I got invited for CET-c meeting. This marked the beginning of a second chance for my marriage. I practice the instruction from the classes. In few months, my marriage became completely healed. My husband became very involved in this ministry that God has used to restore our love for each other. It's beautiful all-over again and I am thankful to God for such needed ministry.-Mrs A.

Bim and I were both attendees at a professional training workshop. We got introduced and I took further interest by checking her charity's website. Considering the Charity's track-record in alleviating the plight of women, I trusted God for my own help too. The support from CET-c was phenomenal; It can only be God at work in the ministry. Pastor Bim nursed me with God’s Word. Today I am a mum. I never can thank God enough for this divine connection.-Mrs T 

It was so bad. I was going to quit. The situation in my marriage had affected practically everything and I mean single everything, my healed had failed completely. I was waiting to die. I had given up and completely lost hope not knowing that 6th of June 2010 at a CET-c programme was my day of revival. God healed my situation through this event. I am even more beautiful people say. Everything has gloriously come alive again. Thank you to all who sponsor this cause. -Mrs F

I have been married for a while and with two children to attend to, my marriage became a routine relationship. At one of CET-c's training meetings, I learnt the secret of oiling a rusty relationship and dealing with the issue of submission and tolerance in marriage. Well, today to the glory of God, my husband and I have rediscovered ourselves and the fire has been lit again. I can testify that with such wisdom from the classes, that marriage can still be beautiful, romantic and interesting even with years. -Mrs K

The support, care and love since I came in contact with CET-c is reassuring.-Mrs O  

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