As an international organisation, our impact around the globe spans across engageing women in training for family life so they can in turn develop other women with responsibility to families and can together translate their activities individually and corporately to community development. We have men as members who are involved order for comprehensive family result. Our specialists, male or female are of diverse background at our family, health and parenting forums of diverse audience and speakers; men and women, old and young, single or married offer a wide spectrum of collective knowledge and communal involvement.

Our ultimate focus is the family and community, on occasions when our activities are targeted i.e relevant to a particular group Family i.e couples, women, youths or singles or the church i.e workers, anyone interested is welcome as the ultimate goal of our subject matters usually will aim for communal benefit. We provide learning opportunity for public improvement and therefore embrace public participation and involvement at our events.

Our marriage seminars and counselling cuts across wide spectrum of categories involving the male and female planning to be married, men and women already in marriage, the single, simply seeking general information and advice on marriage, the separated, seeking knowledge or repair, the divorced (man or woman) seeking the right guardians and revision, the widowed (man or woman) considering re-marrying.

The training arm of our organisation is called Clear Insight Trainers (CIT). We target at training in righteousness. Our forums, seminars and programmes are opened to the general public cutting across gender, status, and faith which underlines our general public benefit outlook. We welcome the invitations of other charities or bodies, faith-based or not, where along with them we can together meet the above listed charitable needs we are established to relieve. 

  We promote the faith for societal advantage.


To promote the faith, the family and favourable societal life. 


Practical assistance and timely support to women and families through the vehicle of the gospel for sustainable family wellbeing and the overall communal advantage. 


Equality, Confidentiality and Dedication.

Registered Charity 1146446

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