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CET-c for Women is committed to cohesion, stability and sustainable family. 



·        Providing Christian support services & empowerment to women in matrimony so as to enhance healthy, stable & balanced personal & family well being.

 ·        Providing training and enlightenment workshops to enhance healthy and sustainable matrimonial life.

 ·        Providing Christian marital guidance and counselling.




          Healthy and stable marriages that results in lowing divorce rate.

        Balanced and cohesive family-lives that will result in a gratifying society.

       Capacity, confidence and sustainability in matrimonial and family lives. 



1.    Stability of marriage for women and family well-being

2.    Training enlightenment for sustainability of marriages

3.    Providing Christian marital guidance and counselling 

4.    Family cohesion

5.    Mentoring


CET-c for Women is established to relieve the following charitable needs:

·         The advancement of religion, providing a place for weekly Christian family forums

·         Raising awareness and understanding of Christian beliefs and practices

·         As a Christian organisation, carrying out religious devotional acts

·         Carrying out missionary and outreach work within and outside U.K

·         Promoting, sustaining and increasing individual and collective knowledge and understanding of parenting skills.

·         Developing individual and family health care capability, competency,  and understanding

·         Educating the public in personal and collective family finance management 

·      Promoting health and social investment within families through our programmes, seminars, workshops and conferences.

CET-c for Women a Christian charity SET to SERVE women for family benefit for an overall communal advantage. 

SET to SERVE (Formed,Created, Established, Ready to Serve) implied and alluded to as CET to CERVE (CET-c)

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