Advancing effectiveness in Women, U.K workshop

 Outreach, Accra, Ghana

Workshop, Essex, England

Men inclusive! -Family mission, Christchurch, New Zealand

 Mission,  New Zealand

Outreach, Greenwich, London U.K

Workshop, Lagos, Nigeria 

Mission to families and senior citizens - New Zealand

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Activities at workshop include delivery of  presentations, workshops and trainings on home management and child care from life coaches, professional and specialist in various fields such of marriage counselling, family life care, child care, raising adolescents, cookery tips, healthy eating living,  light exercises and dancing, job search support, experts in home management, financial management and managing conflicts in the home, Bible case study, counselling and prayer sessions, general question and answer session on issues relating to marriage, child care and youth mentoring and also available to participants is the opportunity of networking and socialising.


All training classes and services provided are absolutely free of charge. Any donation to further the cause of the group, in form of freewill offering is optional. If there has to be any charge at all, it will be based on special request by beneficiaries who are prepared for the cost of such special recreation or retreats. This could be subsidised or fully paid by the group for others who may also be interested but requiring support, with the full proceed rendered to the recreation service providers. 

Events and activities are planned and arranged for at the regular training classes which is opened to the public and advertised on our website (Upcoming event page), in the organisation’s newsletter, websites and magazines of organisations where we have membership, other women organisation's  newsletters,events and forums, church groups and their magazines, the local CVS magazines and websites, handbills and every other means of events publicity available to us.

Clear Insight Trainers (CIT), a new arm of the ministry trains to brings the Word of God to bear directly on the individual for effectiveness and practical ways to reign in righteousness. Training  delivered by CIT target audience are strategic key leaders in ministry whose roles and lives must mirror right/perfect living to the people they lead and the God they represent.

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