As a Christian organisation with the primary duty to support women and families for stability. We provide our duties through this ethical framework with the goal of  better and stable society. We reach-out through services to individuals, families, youths and adults alike and the church in general. We believe that stable families will translate to our overall goal. 

CET-c is largely sponsored by individuals, men and women, old and young who are beneficiaries and believe that propagating Christian values through our specialised service has significant role in generating healthy balanced people and communities. We train for effectiveness and efficiency in the individual, in the family and within the body of Christ (the church). Though targeted community events and programmes, we harmonise our efforts to families with the community at large.

Our support for women and families for communal advantage imply engaging public means in reaching-out and providing events through social activities and public lectures where enlightenment are given on domestic conflict management, marriage maintenance, parenting, teenage and young adult classes for stable families and society. The Ministry run special outreaches and retreats around the world that will enhance both the spiritual and physical well-being of participants. We have established branches in many of the places we have visited.

Many of the branches record significant impacts to families who are in turn making a difference in their local communities and beyond.


We hold conferences, workshops, seminars and retreat that are family-focused to support the women in their family roles. We offer services to other women groups and organisations on issues to do with self development, family stability, specialised classes  and forum for young adults for future stable and balance family life. 

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