From the Desk of Dir, CET-C Women®

Pastor Bim 

Director, CET-c

We offer a wide variety of Christian services and material- books, journal, manuals tailored to promote of the family and church life. With years of experience as a church pastor and administrator, in mentoring women in matrimony, providing marital guidance and counselling to couples and well general in Christian counselling, the ministry constantly produces divers targeted resources materials that promote both  family and the Christian faith.

Our offer classic materials and dynamic services in the area of Church and family life development and well being.

Our materials, few of which is displayed here on the page has resulted in many individual, marital and corporate/institutional reformation. 

The result from our services, products and materials, not only in the U.K but at our various outreaches in parts of the world  -New Zealand, USA, Canada,  Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana amongst others, gives us the confident assurance and greater hope for places yet to reach and  for the assignment. 

Thank you and God bless.

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                                                                                                Copyright © 2012 CET-c for Women. All Rights Reserved

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