CET-c for Women is a charity registered in U.K. We foment stability and sustainability of marriages for family cohesion. We believe that the well-being of the families translates into ideal society.

CET-c for Women

...Preserving marriages, saving families.

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                                      Registered in England No.6290483                                     

Charity No. 1146446

  CET-c for Women is committed to supporting today's woman for sustainable marriage and family cohesion for overall family well-being and communal advantage.


CET-c for women case study and testimonial publicly shared my clients themselves at our events and workshop to encourage other women. These women volunteer being available for verification. The names are not as exactly for privacy reasons.


Pricilla was distressed. Her husband had engaged himself with another woman. Pricilla simply called it off resisting any form of dialogue. She was convinced at one of CET-c’s training classes. She permitted dialogue and today the couple are back together with improved understanding between the couples.


For almost 20 years she longed for her husband to be by her so they can nurture the children together but he would not bulge but with marriage counselling and prayerful intervention and support of the charity the story has changed. The upbringing and mentoring of the teenagers of this marriage is now done with united effort and harmony.


She was not getting what marriage should offer her and was looking elsewhere. CET-c came in contact with her at the niche of time offering her the right information and the required direction, thereby gaining the increased confidence which saved her marriage and children from being distraught and impoverished.


Her Hubby had deserted her with loads of responsibilities and would not look back. CET-c intervened through counselling and regular nurturing through prayers and emotional support. Today Ann can tell that her husband and home has been beautiful restored. 


She had given up on her marriage of 28 years and was so determined to divorce her husband because of infidelity. She attended a CET-c retreat and that was it. Paula said, "I melted in the presence of God, I forgave him and took him back. Glad I was able to forgive, forget and be healed of bitterness".

Describing our Service




Measurement for monitoring outcomes

Life Skill Training


Married Women  

Improved relationship, multi-tasking ability and competence

Feedback survey and interviews



Couples and young adults

Improved understanding, relationship and conflict management as well as reconciliation and stability  marriage

Testimonials and tracking update

Mentoring and emotional support


Women and girls

Increased capacity and confidence to handle challenges and manage limitations.

Periodic interviews

Signposting to other relevant agencies


Women and Families

Increased knowledge and competence

Follow-up and follow-on tracking on recommendations made.

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